Should babies play with plastic toys?

Many first time parents have to make a choice as to what toys they would like their child to play with. For some, they prefer more organic and natural toys and don’t like the idea of brightly coloured electronic toys. This is completely a personal choice and there really is no right and wrong.

It may be that you do not want your child to watch TV or play on a tablet type device in which case you will need to offer alternative entertainment that will keep them busy.

Many parents are happy for their child to have some time watch TV etc as long as that is balanced with time away from the screens and playing outside.

You may find that if you do not like your child playing with plastic or electronic toys you struggle to stop other people buying these for them. Also if your child attends a nursery then they will probably have access to these sorts of toys and be playing with them in those settings.

Often it is all about balance and every parent needs to make their own decision as to what is right for them and their child.