Sell that baby equipment and free up your loft space

Many families have lofts full of baby equipment such as cots, prams, highchairs and bags of baby clothes of different sizes and it is understandable to hold onto these items if you think you may need them again for another baby or you have relatives that are in that stage of their lives. If, however you are confident that you will not need the equipment again it is far better to sell it on and make some money rather than it deteriorate up in the attic.

The best way to sell baby equipment is on social media selling groups as these are usually aimed at local people meaning that collection is easy to arrange. If you want to get rid of the equipment quickly, be realistic on the price and give an accurate description of the items with good photographs not just stock images. Should the items not sell it may be worth putting them on an online auction site or donating them to a charity organisation who may be able to pass them on to needy families.

With the money that is raised from selling the baby equipment it may be possible to use it to buy items that your growing child needs such as a new bed or even a new bike.