Making your home ready for a new grandchild

When your first grandchild arrives into your family it is a time of great excitement and joy. You can’t wait for them to visit you and want to be prepared so that everything runs smoothly. There are a few things that should make life easier for all concerned and will mean that the parents will not need to carry quite so much equipment with them when they visit.

Babies sleep a good deal of the time so a Moses basket or travel cot will be needed along with sheets and blankets. Pillows are not recommended for babies so will not be required.

A way of sterilising bottles, dummies etc is essential as a sterilising unit is bulky to transport. Microwave sterilising bags can be bought from the supermarket and offer a useful alternative.

Young babies do not really need toys to play with but a cot mobile or playmat with overhead toys is a lovely way to occupy a baby who has started to be aware of its surroundings.

Once your grandchild can spend some time sitting up, a baby chair is useful especially when they begin to be weaned and it is at this time when a good supply of bibs is indispensable.