Is it cost effective to make your children’s clothes?

In the past it was commonplace for parents to make their own children’s clothes whether it was by using a pattern and sewing them from fabric or by knitting or crocheting. The reason for this was partially financial as children’s clothes were expensive to buy and were not readily available on the high street. This is not the case now as children’s clothes are much cheaper and can be purchased from many outlets on the high street and in shopping centres. So why make clothes for your children?

Although it probably costs more to make clothes for children many people enjoy producing the items and get a sense of satisfaction out of seeing their creations being worn. It is also rewarding to feel that your child is wearing an individual piece of clothing that no one else has.

Another advantage of making your child’s clothes is that you can adapt the pattern to the specific size of your child a real bonus if your child is particularly tall for their age or has longer arms or legs than the average child.

Once you have started on the road to producing children’s clothes and have all the relevant equipment you may find that friends and family will buy items from you and a new business venture may be born.