Holiday clothes for young children

As the weather starts to get warmer and we start to think about holidays, probably in the UK this year, it is a good idea to sort out your children’s summer clothes in preparation for what could be a sunny, rainy or windy time away.

The type of children’s clothes that you take on holiday with you depends on the type of holiday that you are going on. If you are going on a camping holiday then it is important to take warm, waterproof clothes even in the summer months. Taking plenty of changes of clothes to avoid having to do any laundry while you are way is sensible as you do not want to spend your holiday washing and trying to get clothes dry. Wellies are great for children to pop on if they are playing outside or going to the toilet block or even when playing on the beach on a rainy day.

If your holiday accommodation is in a hotel or self-catering apartment and you anticipate that you will be going out for meals then you may want to pack clothes for your children that are more suitable for this. Shorts, smart shirts, tee shirts and dresses with a cardigan or hoodie in case the evenings are cool are well worth taking.