Hair accessories for babies

Many parents love to dress up their little ones whether it be in pretty little dresses or in trendy chinos. If you are attending a special occasion then you may like to try and find shoes and accessories to complete the outfit. Hair accessories are very common for older children but when it comes to babies you may be limited to the choice you have. Some places such as Monsoon, Mothercare or Debenhams may be able to offer a selection but often searching online will give you the most choice.

It is important to think carefully before buying your baby hair accessories as yes you may want them to look cute, but you should also consider if they are safe and comfortable for the child to wear. You may struggle to keep some accessories in the hair which is often very soft and fine.

Hairbands which are made of soft material are usually a good option. They are most likely to stay in place and should not cause any discomfort. You may also be able to get them in a matching colour or material to the dress you have chosen for your baby to wear. Clips may want to be avoided as they can be quite hard and sharp and may dig in to your little ones delicate skin.