Getting uniform ready to return to school

When schools started to reopen to certain children following the Covid outbreak, many pupils were not expected to wear uniform. This was done for a number of reasons, initially to make it slightly more exciting for them to come to school when other children got to stay at home but also as a safety measure as it meant that people could send their children into school in clean clothes every day. Many parents will have to buy their children new uniform as after having 5 months without having to wear it, it is likely that many will have outgrown it. Shoes are another cost that parents will most likely have to fork out for as children grown so fast that they rarely get to wear the same shoes for two years running.

If you have uniform that has not been worn very much you could try to raise some funds for their new uniform by selling it on the social media sites or Ebay. You could also consider donating it to a charity shop to allow people to purchase it that way whilst giving to charity at the same time.