Finding outfits for your child’s Christmas Play

Although schools are not able to put on usual Christmas performance like they may of previous years, many are finding other ways in which they can still do something similar. It may be that they decide to film the play and send the video out to parents to watch from home.

Every year when school Christmas products are put on, parents are often asked to help find a costume for their child. This may be a traditional costume such as a shepherd or an angel or it may be something that you would not necessarily of associated with Christmas. Buying costumes for children can not only be stressful but can become expensive, especially if you have more than one child to buy for.

Why not look around online for second hand costumes you can buy but be sure you have enough time to quarantine them and wash them before they are needed. If you are handy with a sewing machine then you may be able to pick up some cheap material and make your own. Not only may this work out more cost effective it may be something that you actually enjoy doing or could do with the help of your child.