Finding baby toys that have an educational value

Toys are often a popular gift for a baby or toddler. It may be that you are not a big fan of the brightly coloured plastic stacking cups or the singing book that describes the animals but these toys could actually be helping your child’s education. Humans start to learn from the minute they are born. They start to be able to remember things and know what to do to try and get fed or when they want to go for a sleep. As a baby gets older they will start to become very interested in the word around them. Their brain is like a little sponge and absorbs a lot of information.

When searching for toys, try and think about what educational value they may have It could be as simple as recognising colours or shapes or a bit more complex like forming words or telling the time. Many TV programs that are on also have a high educational value. It is important though to give your child a bit of down time away from education as this is when they learn important life skills that they will need later on down the line and all throughout their lives.