Expensive baby clothes or supermarket bargains?

Many parents enjoy buying new clothes for their baby throughout the year and can spend a small fortune without realising it, but is it really necessary to spend a lot on baby clothes or is it better to buy cheap and cheerful?

The argument that is often used for buying baby clothes from high end clothing stores is that the items of clothing last longer and are more hard wearing however considering how quickly babies and toddlers grow they may outgrow the clothes within a few months and so unless the clothes can be passed down to younger siblings or sold on it may not be worth the extra expense. There are those parents who prefer to use these more expensive shops because of the brand and if they can afford to do this then why not?

Supermarket baby clothes on the other hand are generally a lot cheaper and the quality is usually incredibly good. The range of clothing that is available either in store or online offers parents the chance to get a few items for the same cost of one item from a more expensive shop. For parents who have to be careful with their finances cheaper stores give them the opportunity to buy their children the clothing that they need.