Dummy clips for babies

If you have a baby then you will probably already understand the frustration of losing a dummy. This may be when you are out and about or it may be when they are in the cot. Many parents have to take a supply of dummies out with them or in the car as if you have a child that wont settle without one, it can be a nightmare if they lose it.

Dummy clips are clips that can be put round the dummy then clipped on to the babies clothing. This means even if it falls out of their mouth it doesn’t fall on the floor. These can be great especially in the early days, but these are not supposed to be used at night. Some retailers are now selling teddies that have a special clip for the dummy.  These teddies are flat like a small blanket which means they are often safe to have in a cot or a crib.

Before using any of these products it is very important to do your own research and make sure that it is suitable for your child in terms of age and uses.  Dummy clips can be picked up from a number of places online and also from supermarkets or even chemists.