Buying a summer wardrobe for your little one

When buying clothes for your baby or toddler it is important to keep in mind that babies grow out of the first few sizes quickly and so it is sensible to buy just a few pieces that can be mixed and matched. Choose one or two colours that you like and build up the wardrobe with shades of these two colours. For instance, you may have a pair of pale green dungarees that you can team with a lemon top for one outing and a stripey one for another.

The material that the clothes are made from should be natural if possible as this will keep the baby or toddler cooler in warm weather. Loose fitting cotton t shirts, shorts and dresses will be much more comfortable on a hot day.

Of course, it is important to consider the safety aspect if children are going to be out in the sun. Young babies should be kept out of the sun if possible as their skin is sensitive to strong sunlight. Toddlers on the other hand are more difficult as they inevitably want to run about in the sun. A sunhat is essential and long sleeved cotton tops will protect their arms from the sun. All in one sunsuits are a good idea when on the beach as they protect much of the toddler’s body from the harmful UV rays. A high factor sun cream should be applied to any uncovered areas before going out into the sun and after swimming.