Baby and toddler carriers for the adventurous family

If you are the sort of family that spends a lot of time outdoors it may be that a baby carrier is going to be an essential piece of kit for you and your baby or toddler. Any one with young children will know the struggle of setting out for a walk and finding that the route is not buggy friendly or that after a short while little legs are tired of walking and want to be carried.

Baby carriers were often used for young babies as a way of soothing them when they were unsettled and were useful because it meant that mum still had two hands to be able to carry on with some tasks but now carriers are often used so that baby or toddler can go on adventures with the family without the constraints of using a pushchair.

These carriers are often carried on the back of the parent which is a good idea as it is easy for the adult to carry the extra weight and the child can see their surroundings and enjoy the experience.

Getting the child in and out of the carrier can be tricky but the best ones have a metal framework that can stand on the floor while you put the child in. A waterproof hood is often available ensuring the child stays comfortably warm and dry throughout.