Baby accessories for bicycle rides

If you are an avid biker or just like to go on a gentle bike ride occasionally then you may wondered how easy it is to take your baby along with you. Cycling can be a great form of exercise and can be brilliant for your young one. If your baby is about nine months old then you can usually start to take them out on a bike seat. The seat is fitted to the back of your bike and they will have a harness and helmet on. Once they get a bit older you can put them in a trailer that attaches to the back of your bike. These can usually be used from about the age of one and most will seat two children.

When taking your children out on bikes it is vital that you ensure that they are as safe as possible. Always insit on them wearing a helmet and ideally take them to a bike shop to have a helmet fitted correctly. As they get older, if they want to start riding a bike then you may want to invest in some protective clothing to ensure if they do come off they will not hurt themselves to badly.